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Programs and Activities

Ballet Academy Ventura is an exemplary youth-based pre-professional and professional company offering the highest standards of production and artistic education relying on volunteers and professionals to mount the productions. Ballet Academy Ventura has made significant contributions to the enrichment of the community:

  • Making the performing arts a "major component of the community's fabric," by raising citizen awareness in Ventura of a ballet company accessible to all, providing community enhancement (e.g., community festivals).
  • Helping the youth discover within themselves the spirit of community contribution.
  • Providing affordable ticket pricing to ballet performances
  • Engaging a culturally diverse population in all aspects of production
  • Providing community elementary education and enrichment
  • Supporting the Ventura downtown Cultural Arts District (e.g., Arts Explosion)

Benefiting the artistic and cultural heritage of Ventura:

The Company has a strong history of reaching out to Ventura's underserved culturally diverse populations. The Company's productions reflect the rich cultural elements that make up the social fabric of Ventura County. The breadth of cultural diversity among students and audiences include Latino, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans and Eastern Europeans. At least 40% of the Company's students represent cultural/ethnic groups. Students receive instruction from a team of multi-lingual instructors, 50% of whom are fluent in two or three languages (i.e., English, Spanish, Russian).

Community Outreach Strategies:

Promoting ballet among culturally diverse students and audiences is a hallmark of VCBC's achievements. VCBC has bridged cultural awareness and participation in all productions. We keep ticket prices affordable, and donate at least 500 complimentary tickets each year so underserved populations are able to attend performances and participate in productions. Testimonials among students and their families from all cultures express that they have developed a sense of belonging, a spirit of community participation, and a sense of personal accomplishments that they would otherwise be unable to achieve. Students gain a confident vision of themselves, which enables them to be better citizens, students, and community participants.

Arts Education Programs:

Elementary School Dance Education Assembly Program. Two instructors and dance troupe visit elementary schools in Ventura Unified School District. Therapeutic Dance Program for Foster Children provides ballet classes each week without cost to participants. 10-15 foster care students participate each week for a full year. Adelphia Cable Impact interviews ballet directors about upcoming productions featuring instruction about ballet libretto, costuming and sets. This educational programming reaches all segments of the community including culturally diverse community members, seniors and the physically challenged.

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