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Creative Movement for 2 1/2 -3 1/2 year old offers toddlers a chance to explore their dance class without mommy and daddy participation. This class can be a great first stepping stone towards toddler independence. The class encourages toddlers to explore the world of dance in an atmosphere of magical fairies, princesses and princes, tutus and crowns and tiny wiggly animal friends. Primary level ballet curriculum and French ballet terminology is begun in a gentle loving environment. (30 minute)

Preballet for 3 1/2 -5 1/2 years continues exploring primary level ballet curriculum and terminology. Dance movement is practiced in groups, pantomime is demonstrated, and ballet steps are done on the diagonal across the room. Creative dance with crowns and tutus and fairy wands remains part of the class. This class can prove to be a successful transition into preschool or similar environment. (45 minute class)

Preparatory Level 1 for 5 1/2 - 6 years continues the Ballet Ventura curriculum and french terminology at a higher level than preballet. This class serves as a transition between the free spirit and creativity of preballet to the formally structured ballet class. Ballet barre is introduced and practiced with each class as well as center floor work and diagonal jumps. (45 minute class)

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